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German roach exterminator .JPG

German Roach Pre-Treatment Preparation List

Sanitation is critical in roach control and homeowner participation is a must. Below you will
find the steps it is necessary for you to follow before a German Roach Treatment is performed:


1. All people and pets must leave the premises for 4 hours once the treatment begins.
2. Clean areas under cabinets, sinks, stoves, refrigerators, etc.
3. Clean and remove all items stored in cabinets, pantries and storage bins in the kitchen and
bathrooms. (You may place these items on a table and cover it with plastic.)
4. Vacuum all areas as you remove the items. This will eliminate roaches feces and old
5. Unload the dishwasher.
6. Take everything off the stove.
7. Pick up and remove pet food dishes and food.
8. Take all garbage outdoors away from the structure.
9. Clear all counter space.

Once the treatment has taken place and you are free to return to your home, the following
steps should be taken:

1. Vacuum all dead carcasses, including those found in cabinets and storage bins.
2. Wipe down (clean) all counters and floors.
3. Wipe down (clean) all cabinets.
4. Wipe down (clean) all appliances.
5. Vacuum again before putting items back in cabinets and storage bins.
6. Place all items from cabinets and storage bins back in place.

Keys to keeping your home German Roach free:

1. We will schedule a 7-10 day follow up with you. This will ensure we get rid of the
hatching young.
2. Clean up all spilled foods and liquids.
3. Avoid leaving scraps of food on unwashed dishes and countertops overnight.
4. Keep food in tightly sealed containers.
5. Rinse cans and bottles before putting them in the trash.
6. Take garbage out every 3 days and away from the house.
7. Do not leave pet food in a feeding dish out overnight. Transfer pet food to a tightly
sealed container once it is opened. Do not leave in bag.
8. Run dishwasher regularly.
9. Inspect all grocery bags for roaches before storing product.
10. Discard any cardboard boxes immediately.
11. Inspect children’s book bag and lunch containers regularly.

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