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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does American Pest Services Provide Pest Control Services in Mount Washington, Ky 40047?
    YES. American Pest Services Provides Pest Control Services in Mount Washington, Ky 40047 Located In Bullitt County, Ky.
  • Does American Pest Services provide Bed Bug Treatments in Louisville, Ky.
    YES. American Pest Services provides Bed Bug Treatments in Louisville, Ky.
  • How Much Is Quarterly Pest Control?
    Quarterly pest control starts at $79.99 per service Depending on the size of your home and your specific needs. your home is serviced every 90 days but is covered in between services if any issues should arise.
  • Does American Pest Services Provide Pest Control/Exterminator services in Louisville, Ky?
    YES. American Pest Services Provides Pest Control Services in Louisville, Ky.
  • How long after a pest control treatment do bugs die?
    You may see more bugs after your first treatment. Specifically, if your home or business hasn't regularly received preventative treatments, you may see more pests being flushed out of their habitat. After treatment, the products we use don't kill the pests instantly and it takes a little time to take effect. Bait products, the ones taken back and shared with the colony, may take a few days to a week to work. A good rule of thumb is if you are seeing more than the occasional pest 10 days after a treatment, you may need some intervention from your pest control company.
  • How long does exterminator spray last?
    A typical pest control application will last around 90 days. If outdoor applications see consistent or heavy rainfall, the efficiency may be affected and will last about 60 days. Pesticides used to treat flying insects like mosquitoes or flies will last around 21 to 30 days.
  • Why should I hire a professional pest control service when I can try and do it myself?
    Pests are a resilient bunch and are adept at hiding and entering a home in places you would never think. A pest management professional will know where to look for pests and make expert recommendations on what it will take to prevent or eliminate pests. Also, a licensed pest professional is the only person who can apply pesticides.
  • How long after the initial treatment does it take to see results?
    Results will vary according to the type of pest, treatment methods and products used. For example, immediate results can be seen when a yellow jacket nest is removed or treated with a liquid pesticide. However, when using baits for ants, rodents, and termites the process takes longer since the pests have to ingest the product for it to be effective. Your inspector and technician will outline what your expectations for your particular problem should be.
  • What is the difference between a treatment using baits vs. sprays?
    Bait treatments offer consumers peace of mind if they prefer not to have liquid chemicals applied in their home. The type of pest, the severity of the problem and other factors determine the type of treatment we implement.
  • What is the value of having a regularly scheduled pest service even when I don't see pests in my house?
    A regularly scheduled pest service will stop pests before they become a problem. It allows our technicians to watch for and spot possible signs of pest activity and act immediately to eliminate any threat. A preventative, pro-active approach to managing pests will keep your home and family safe from annoying and potentially harmful pests.
  • Is pest management safe for my family and pets?
    The products American Pest Services uses to eliminate pests are safe and have been extensively tested and are approved by the U.S. EPA, and are applied by highly-trained, certified professionals. We also can recommend non- chemical treatment options including baits, exclusion, and sanitation.
  • What are the most common household pests in Louisville Kentucky?
    The Louisville Metro area eco-system yields a wide array of pests that can be a nuisance to homeowners. Some of the most common include various species of : Ants Mosquito Fleas Ticks German cockroaches Brown Recluse Subterranean termites Yellow jackets/wasp Norway rats & the house mouse. Bed bug Stink Bug Silver fish Crickets Gnats
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