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Bed bug control Louisville KY
Bed bug control Louisville KY

Bed Bug Chemical Treatment Pre-Service Checklist


Bed bug treatments are very detailed, extensive endeavors. To ensure success your cooperation before,during and after treatment is essential. Failure to meet the checklist requirements and/or non-completion of all scheduled follow ups may void any warranty. Any deviations must be approved by American Pest Services 



Prior to Initial Treatment 


•Have any occupants or pets had any adverse reactions to pesticides?


•Customers must ensure unrestricted access to all areas of structure during initial service and all

follow up visits.


•Move all non-furniture items off floors along walls in all rooms and remove all items from closets floors. Place all clothing from closets, dressers, wardrobes in sealed bags to heat in the dryer after treatment. Do not remove from rooms.


•American Pest Services will remove linens from bed and any items stored underneath. We will inspect

and seal all items in bags. After treatment, the occupant shall treat all items according to the

instructions on the next page.


•If you choose to dispose of heavily-infested mattresses and furniture, care must be taken to avoid spreading infestation to unaffected areas by encasing infested items. Items should be labeled as infested or otherwise rendered unusable to avoid possession by other individuals.


•Cover or remove all exposed foodstuffs, cookware, dishware, dining and cooking utensils before application. Only if instructed to do so. 


•Remove or cover any aquariums prior to application and turn off air pumps until the spray has dried.


•Keep all humans and pets (dogs, cats, birds, reptiles) out of premises during application and do not allow them to enter any treated areas or contact any treated surfaces for a minimum of 4-6

hours post treatment.


After Treatment


•Ventilate premises for 2 hours minimum after any treatment is completed before re-entry. Treat all bagged items according to instructions on the following page.


•Do not shampoo/steam clean carpets for 30 days after final follow up.

Treatment efficacy may vary by individual bed bug strains. 


•Most of your activity

should cease within one week of initial treatment. Please allow adequate time for products to take effect.



Treating Infested Personal Items


•American Pest Services will not treat clothing or other personal items. We recommend the following

steps be taken immediately following your initial treatment to help us achieve best possible results.


•Disinfesting by Laundering and Drying

Care must be taken when removing any items from an infested area. Seal items

completely inside a plastic bag. Clothing, linens, plush toys, shoes, area rugs,etc.. should be run through a complete washer and dryer cycle to kill any bed bugs and eggs which may be inside. 


•If washing is not feasible, place items inside dryer on at least high heat for a minimum of 20 minutes. Do not pack dryer contents tightly to ensure adequate heat distribution.

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