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American Pest Serivces of Shepherdsville Kentucky provides professional pest control servi

American Pest Services 

Your Local Pest Control Service

American Pest Services brings over 8 years of Pest Control experience, innovative solutions, and a passion for providing Quality environmentally sound pet safe pest and termite control for your home in Shepherdsville, Mount Washington and Louisville Ky.

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American Pest Services Pest Control
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    pest control service in Kentucky servicing Jefferson and Bullitt counties

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    Since our beginning, our aim has been to provide you with expert pest control service, honest estimates, and helpful consultations. From professional guidance to long-lasting work, our kind and knowledgeable staff is here to help you every step of the way, because we know what it’s like to be in your shoes.


    At American Pest Services, we make sure your needs come first and offer a variety of top-quality pest control services and plans. Our main goal is to take care of everything from the very beginning, bringing you exceptional results.

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    General Pest Control

    As pests are active throughout the year, you

    need to protect your home against

    infestation all year round. Through a

    quarterly pest control service a certified

    technician inspects and treats your property

    four times every year, including the initial

    treatment. The pest control service provider

    customizes the treatment plan to address

    any seasonal pests. In a quarterly pest

    control plan, the initial treatment involves

    thorough treatment of your home both

    outdoors and indoors. Subsequent

    applications are perimeter or exterior

    treatments. This implies that you do not

    have to be present. As the treatments are

    pre-scheduled, you do not have to set up an

    appointment for treatment application.

    pest control service sale by American Pest Services Of Shepherdsville and Louisville Ky

    Conventional Bed Bug Treatments

    Conventional bed bug treatments are also known as chemical treatments. This method is more of a traditional approach in the treatment for bed bugs.

    This treatment is designed so that different pesticide formulations are utilized in strategic areas of the home. These formulations may include liquids, aerosols and dusts. Each formulation is designed so that each work a little differently. One product may provide a more instant knock down effect while another product may give a longer residual effect.We implement this approach to provide the most successful treatment possible. 

    Bed Bug Checklist

    Bed bug control Louisville KY

    Mosquito Control Services

    A heavy mosquito presence can suck the enjoyment out of outdoor events and daily life. To provide proper mosquito control on your property, American Pest Services provides monthly mosquito treatment to allow you a safe, comfortable, mosquito-free outdoor space.

    In order to properly meet your needs, we begin this process with a thorough inspection of your property. Next, an application will be made to reduce the current mosquito population by spraying a fine odorless mist on all vegetation and surfaces, which is effective immediately. Additional applications are made to eliminate mosquito-breeding sites throughout the property and reduce the number of future adult mosquitoes.

    American Pest Services guarantees their mosquito control for the full 21-day cycle. It is our goal to provide high quality, service-oriented mosquito treatment throughout the season.

    Mosquito control service, pest control

    Termite Treatments

    Termite protection is an absolute necessity for your Kentucky home. Each year, termites cause more damage to homes in Kentucky than any other natural disaster. These silent destroyers can cause severe structural damage as they chew through your home’s wooden architecture. Along with destroying your home’s market value, termite damage could lead to massive costly repairs that are uncovered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.

    At American Pest Services, we help customers combat termite infestations with Termidor. Termidor is the best termite control product available. We believe a liquid barrier treatment is the only option for protection against termites.

    Termite Treatments in Louisville and Bullitt County Ky by American Pest Services.

    Rodent Control Services

    Kentucky rodents such as mice and rats are constantly searching for food and shelter, and will happily make their way into your home to find it. Once inside, rodents are known to cause major damage to homes by chewing and even exposing live wires. They also leave their droppings behind which can mix with the dust in the air, raising numerous health issues for you and your family. With these high-level threats from rodents in Kentucky, it’s best to allow a professional exterminator to properly remove and prevent rodents from entering your home.

    Rodent control services

    German Roach Treatments

    If you find one cockroach in your home, it’s likely there are many more hiding in cracks and crevices. German cockroaches can breed at a rate of up to six generations per year.
    German cockroaches in you Home or business can quickly become out of control and present significant health risks once an infestation gets underway. Instead of investing in DIY cockroach control products that have little to no effect, you should contact American Pest Services at the first signs of a cockroach infestation and set up treatment.

    German Roach Checklist

    German roach exterminator .JPG

    Tick Yard Treatments

    Ticks carry and can transmit a variety of diseases, Lyme disease being one of the biggest concerns here in Kentucky. Keeping everyone tick free, especially children and pets is very important. Our Tick Barrier Spray program is designed to kill ticks where they live so that your family and pets can enjoy your yard.

    Ticks require hosts (people or animals) to latch onto and feed on in order to survive. Ticks rest on the tips of grasses, leaves or shrubs just waiting to climb onto an unsuspecting host. Once they begin to feed they can transmit pathogens that cause disease.

    Tick Control

    American Pest Services Tick Barrier Spray targets the leafy areas on the edge of your property, stone walls, grass, shrubs and kills ticks where they live. Our professional treatment takes the preventative measures necessary for your backyard tick control.

    tick control by American Pest Services

    Spider Extermination

    Stop your spider problem with help from American Pest Services. American Pest Services in Shepherdsville, Ky is ready to tackle any spider or pest problem you’re experiencing. Spiders like to hide, and female spiders can lay hundreds of eggs in one egg casing, causing one pest to quickly become many pests and making the problem hard to control. Whether you’re dealing with just a few or an infestation, American can get your home or business spider-free with our professional pest management services.

    American Pest Services Spider control
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